What I Like To Do With


  • Serving and helping people meet their needs.
  • Developing good relations to effectively work on a team.
  • Communicating verbally to present information to a group of people.
  • Writing with detail and precision to clearly express thoughts and feelings.
  • Following through on plans to generate the desired result.
  • Initiating projects to improve upon and facilitate production.
  • Planning and organizing a systematic method in executing major events.
  • Prioritizing personal responsibilities to ensure successful completion of tasks.
  • Problem-solving to overcome obstacles & create an increasingly efficient way to carry out tasks.
  • Evaluating success of outcomes by synthesizing personal thoughts, feedback from others, and the impact of the actu al result.

My Style of Doing Them

I believe that I am a competent, dependable, responsible, and reliable worker.

I always make an effort to maintain an open-mind and am sensitive and supportive of others.

I am also cooperative, self-motivated, achievement oriented and professional.


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