My work type is ENFJ and my style is that of an imaginative harmonizer & worker with people. For me, it is always important to consider other people’s feelings. I always look to uncover the "best" in everyone I meet. Trustworthy, conscientious, loyal, nurturing, and supportive are just some of the words I would use to characterize myself. I am at my finest when I am working harmoniously with other people dedicated to changing the world for the benefit of humanity.


My primary career type is social. This affirms my interest in other people and I consider myself sensitive to their needs. I have always enjoyed and worked well with others in a team for I truly value interpersonal relations. Being able to influence other people’s behaviour with my verbal and social skills allows me to guide and assist them in realizing their potential. Enterprising is my secondary career type. By using my leaderships skills, I am apt to make significant contributions to the success of others. In future, I aspire to organize and lead people to produce a valuable service within my own consulting firm. The career type that is tertiary for me is artistic. I like to express my thoughts and feelings through my work and when communicating ideas. Therefore, the work I do elicits a sense of meaning and fulfillment for me.


My career anchor is sense of service/dedication to a cause & entrepreneurial creativity. A key motivating factor for me is to dedicate my work and life to being of service to others as a counsellor. I am committed to preserving values important to me and in the world around me. I also have a strong need to create a new service/business where I can be recognized as being competent in my field.


The values and needs I feel are most significant to me include: helping others, affiliation/work with others, a supportive environment/supportive supervisor, being in the field of my strongest interest, and change and variety. The most important values and needs that I feel are not satisfied in my worklife are: intellectual status, and prestige and recognition.


The skills in which I excel and have allowed me to be successful include: developing good relations with others, working efficiently on a team, relating to a wide variety of people, showing warmth and support, communicating effectively, and implementing and following through. The functional skills currently in development are: designing training programs, acting assertively, and speaking well in public. It is my plan to develop these skills by taking additional courses and practicing them in my current work.


The strongest adaptive skills that I possess are: getting along well with others, demonstrating concern for others, being committed to personal growth, planning effectively, achievement-oriented, and hardworking. I need to improve on increasing my political awareness.


The following barriers that have held me back at times and that I will need to concentrate on overcoming include: fear of age limitations and excessively demanding of self (can be a workaholic).


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