"A team player with excellent communication skills, whose cooperative friendly attitude

ensures positive relations with co-workers and clients in the field of career counselling."

Work Philosophy

Always maintain and foster positive relations

Work as a contributor toward changing the world for the benefit of humanity

Each person is unique

Lifelong learning for personal growth and fulfillment


In the future, I would like to be able to…

  • establish credibility as a competent career development practitioner
  • grow personally and professionally through work experience and lifelong learning
  • be part of a winning team
  • obtain a Career Development Practitioner University Degree
  • continue my studies in Social Services
  • obtain a Certificate in Adult Training
  • spend more time with my family
  • read literature related to my field ensuring that I remain current on what’s going on


The things I’ve always been good at include…

  • maintaining an open-mind
  • displaying empathy
  • working effectively on my own or within a team
  • organizing and prioritizing
  • following through on promises and tasks
  • multitasking
  • demonstrating my commitment by working hard and taking initiatives to achieve maximum results
  • being honest and straightforward
  • being adaptable and flexible
  • ensuring thoroughness, precision and paying attention to detail
  • working well under pressure


I am the kind of person who …

  • is considerate of other people’s feelings
  • always looks for the "best" in everyone
  • values interpersonal relations
  • is supportive and naturally care giving
  • has a genuine desire to be of service to others
  • influence others in a meaningful way
  • seeks to promote harmony amongst others
  • looks for meaning and significance in work and life
  • is achievement-oriented
  • is trustworthy and believes that honesty is the best policy
  • is loyal, dependable and generous


What makes me invaluable are the following attributes…

  • Career & Work Counsellor Diploma (April ‘99)
  • Social Services Worker Diploma (December ‘99)
  • Certificate in Constructivist Career Counselling
  • trained in the HRDC competency-based ACEC model
  • trained in the Common Assessment Approach
  • develop good relations with others
  • Certified Level 1 True Colorsä Trainer
  • sensitive to diverse cultures
  • community involvement through volunteering
  • experiences obtained from working in various industry sectors
  • qualification to administer & interpret level B tests: SII, SDS, JVIS, CISS, JVIS, CAAT, COPSYSTEM
  • working knowledge of Values & Skills Card Sorts
  • trained in Choices
  • knowledge and experience in facilitating and designing job search strategy workshops: Training Managers as Career Coaches, Stress Management and True Colorsä
  • Workshops attended: Effective Presentation Skills, Welcoming Diversity, Team-Building, Starting a Private Career Counselling Practice, Marketing for Job Developing
  • coordination of major events, including a Job Fair
  • attended the National Consultation on Career Development (NATCON)
  • member of the Ontario Alliance of Career Development Practitioners
  • attended SURVIVAbility: Career Strategies for the New World of Work (By Janis Foord Kirk)
  • general understanding of French and Filipino
  • proficiency in Windows ’97, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and the Internet
  • group leader for the Girl Guides of Canada


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