At Live Design, our goals are to provide easily accessible, affordable graphics & creative solutions.

In today's world graphic design surrounds us on a daily basis. It is in the newspapers and magazines we read. It is on the TV we watch. The buses and bus shelters as we commute to and from work. It is at our finger tips as we work; stationary, company logos and now more than ever on the world wide web. It is the job of graphic designers everywhere to help direct and
communicate clear and concise information between businesses and their end consumer.

At Live Design we believe Communication is essential in helping us understand your business and your goals, and properly meshing and balancing visual imagery with text information creates "Good Design".

Through communication and "good design" we are committed to designing graphics suited to your company, and ultimately to create an image that will reach and remain with your target audience.

At Live Design we turn your thoughts to print and paper!




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