Employment Needs Checklist

Reason(s) for coming to the Progress Career Planning Centre:

Career Decision Making
 Am unclear about my career goal/direction
 Lack knowledge about how to research careers
 Am unsure what skills employers look for in my field
 Lack knowledge of job trends
Skills Development/Training:
 Need to upgrade my Math or English
 Am unware of ways to learn new skills
 Lack Skills in ____________________
Job Search Strategies
 Am unsure of how to make a resume
 Need to update or enhance my resume
 Need to learn how to write a cover letter
 Am not sure where to look for a job
 Lack interview confidence
 Need extra support during my job search
 Need information to start a business
Job Maintenance
 Need to learn ways to stay employable
 Need to learn how to work better in a team
 Have difficulty with language/communication
 Have health concerns
 Have limited education
 Have had problems with previous employers
 Lack confidence
Resource Centre
 Need use of a computer, fax and/or photocopier
 Need access to company directories and job search resources
 Lack basic computer skills
 Lack knowledge of how to use e-mail or internet
 Need a place to do my job search
 Other (Specify):____________
Specific Employment Concerns / Issues:

 Lack Experience
 Lack Childcare
 Lack Support
 Other (Specify):_____________________

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