This section of the Web site contains a smattering of different articles concerning the economic effects technology has had on the lifestyle of Toronto.

"Music Downloads on the Rise" by JOHN QUBTI

"Better than a cheap suit ~ Online banking holds big potential for small business" by Jim Middlemiss (National Post, January 14, 2002)

"Banks jump on board the wireless bandwagon ~ Online banking by cellphone or PDA lets you do everything short of taking out cash" by Paul Lima (The Toronto Star, November 21, 2001)

"Wireless banking slowly, surely catching on ~ Industry expects growth to quicken once security standards on technology in place" by Kevin Marron (The Globe and Mail, November 9, 2001)

"The personal touch ~ Technological change presents new challenges for profitable financial services delivery" by Lloyd Darlington (National Post, October 2, 2001)

"Advertising Teller Machines'" by Rob Ferguson (The Toronto Star, January 6, 2002)

"Post plan cheques out ~ Virtual bills means less paper" by Geoff Matthews (Ottawa Sun, August 26, 2001)

"More shop online, fewer bill that way ~ Epost advertising campaign to boost e-billing, payment" by John Cotter (Toronto Sun, August 13, 2001)

"The trend: Wired without the wire" by Peter Benesh (Investor's Business Daily, August 29, 2001)

"Microsoft's new target: wireless phones: Giant poised to compete with Palm, RIM handhelds" by Bill Alpert (National Post, February 4, 2002)

"Sales on the fly: Mobile e-commerce's potential is only beginning to be explored" by Burke Campbell and Murray Conron (National Post, January 14, 2002)

"Electronics gadgets evolve modestly" by May Wong (The Toronto Star, January 2, 2002)

"Grocery Gateway" by Andy Walker

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